CARPET   Machines

various application systems
printing and dyeing line
infeed systems
derolling devices
• butt seam sewing machines
roller compensators
• needle pull rollers
• brushing and lint extraction devices
• straightening rollers
• pre washers
• pre steamers
padders / foulards
guiding devices
• pile raising devices
rotary screen printing machines
gum applicators
continuous dye applicators
• kiss applicators
steamers horizontal-vertical
washing devices
• vacuum devices
bow and weft straighteners
roller compensators
• plaiting devices
winding devices
foam applicators for antisoil chemicals
dot applicators
coating devices
• embossing rollers
• colour kitchens, mixers, pumps etc.
• full set of laboratory machines
• rebuilding of used machines
• custom-made machines
• turnkey installations

coating devices