Welcome to MITTER Maschinenbau


Since more than 40 years we have been designing and building special machines and lines for the textile and carpet industry which are world wide in operation.
We are specilize in carpet screen printing machines and carpet continuous dyeing machines including infeed components, steamers, washers, dryers and colour kitchens.
All required laboratory machines for pattern and product development can be supplied by us. The machines are designed and built according customers' needs.

For the application of foamed antisoiling, antistaic, moth and miteproof chemicals etc. we developed a foam application devices named " MIFA " Mitter Foam Applicator which can be additional installed in every existing produktion line. This application devices operates wih a verry low wet pick up.

For anti slipping of indoor carpets or for water drainage of outdoor carpets we offer a "DOT"-Applicator. This machine operates with a rotary screen which can apply different DOT sizes for different requirements. The machine is able to apply Latex- or PVC paste and requires only 60 cm space for the installation.

We offers also second hand machines without or including reconditioning in our factory.
Spare parts for the most of the existing carpet machines can be supplied by us.

We make strong efforts to respond quickly to customers' inquiries and demands.
It is ambition to offer tailor-made and cost-effective solutions.

On this webside you find a general overview of our programme.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case that you have any question or need our support.
You will be welcome at any time.

We relocated on 01. August 2011 !
Please note our new address, telephone and fax number !